What is Yield Farming and Yield Samurai Overview

Yield farming is a new form of cryptocurrency investing that has gained traction in recent years. It involves the use of various protocols, tokens, and smart contracts to optimize returns from staking and liquidity providing.

Yield farming is similar to the traditional practice of staking, but with the addition of automated trading and liquidity providing.

Yield farming works by allowing users to stake their cryptocurrency in a pool of liquidity providers, who are rewarded with a share of the pools profits. The profits come from the fees generated when users make trades and provide liquidity. These fees are then distributed among the liquidity providers in the pool.

Yield farming is a great way for investors to earn passive income from their cryptocurrency holdings. There are several benefits to yield farming that make it an attractive option for investors.

First, yield farming allows investors to earn profits without having to actively manage their investments.

Second, yield farming offers investors the opportunity to diversify their holdings across a number of different protocols.

Finally, yield farming can provide investors with attractive returns that are often higher than traditional staking methods. However, there are some risks associated with yield farming. First, because the returns are tied to the performance of the underlying protocol, investors are exposed to the risk of market movements, stablecoin collapses such as the Terra USD crash etc.

To minimize the risk, investors can use platforms such as Yield Samurai to compare yields from Uniswap/Sushi/Aave/Pancakeswap and others, browse historic data, compare impermanent loss, filter based on coins in portfolio, check out stablecoin-only pools, etc.

Yield Samurai is basically a CoinMarketCap like website, but for Yield Farming platforms. Managed by experienced people in the crypto industry, it will allow investors to track exactly what is needed for their yield farming journey.

You can learn more about Yield Samurai here:




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