This Is Teh Wae – The Way – $TWAE (ERC-20)

The ERC20 token $TWAE is the native currency of Teh Wae and is used to finance Bounty Hunting efforts.

The Inspiration Behind $TWAE

The token is based on the Mandalor, that are people deeply rooted in tradition, their beliefs based on Teh Wae, a path that has been passed down through generations.

Their creed is one of loyalty and unity, a bond that connects each Mandalorian to their kin. From a young age, each Mandalorian is taught the importance of togetherness within their community.

They hold their members in high regard, understanding that each individual is an essential part of the larger whole.

This unwavering unity has kept them thriving for centuries, long after the destruction of their home planet.

The Mandalorians were known for working together as a powerful bounty hunting organization, their name preceding them.

Those who completed their missions with dedication and commitment were rewarded handsomely. To join the esteemed Bounty Hunters Guild, proving one‘s worth by completing missions was the first step.

However, the Mandalorian wae was not for everyone. Before joining the guild, an oath had to be taken, a solemn promise to uphold both the name of the aspiring member and their ancestors.

This oath created the Creed, a binding pledge that would remain within the heart of the true Mandalorian. To the Mandalorians, this was the only way, their way of life.

The Mandalorians held their virtues close to their heart, and their culture was deeply ingrained in their being. They followed one truth, one way, and one guiding principle: THIS IS THE WAY! 

Mission of $TWAE

With a clear path to success, $TWAE stands to unite the Bounty Hunters of the Galaxy, and restore the great name of our people.

This is Teh Wae. Join them and be a part of our noble cause.

The Mandalorians have been scattered throughout the galaxy by the Imperial Empire, but we are determined to reclaim our home world and restore our proud name. To do this, we have created the ERC20 token, $TWAE, native to the Teh Wae ecosystem.

By participating in Bounty Hunting activities, we are unifying the many Bounty Hunters in the crypto space, providing them with protection, community, and financial rewards. $TWAE is the currency used to finance these efforts, and with a clear goal in mind, it has the potential to bring together the Bounty Hunters of the galaxy, and revive the Mandalorian legacy. 


The team has already worked to form a nice community of legit holders, and also created a Telegram AI bot that will generate unique Mandalorians for the community. As always, DYOR, this is NFA, just a project we liked as usual. Soft marketing has started already, and team plans to move on with things, and work on the project long term.







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