Probably the best passive income USDT & BUSD farm with up to 186.70% APR – DefiLabs

Introducing DefiLabs that offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) farming to the Age of DeFi! DefiLabs is committed to providing a stable platform, community first and fairness in all aspects, and prioritizing stable wealth creation. It is powered by secured smart contracts and audited by Certik and Cyberscope. Currently offering 0d, 30d and 90d staking with the flexible staking (0 days, that you can withdraw anytime) bringing you 98.55%-180.68% APR, which is like 30 USDT per week on 3000 USDT staked, fully passively and powered by AI.

DefiLabs is focused on having the community up to date, with real life events, attending conferences such as crypto expo, and the best thing is when you bring referrals, you get Community Expansion bonuses.

Users are in control of their funds with DefiLabs as it is non-custodial and never takes control of any assets. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and transparent, and a community-owned company that strongly encourages members to cooperate in development, marketing, information sharing, and more.

DefiLabs offers incredible high APYs and rewards those who work and build with the platform. It is easy to get started, with just three steps to stake and earn USDT passively. The vast collection of financial data generated by DeFi can be used to train and improve AI models to maximize gain from anticipated asset price fluctuations.

DefiLabs is a trust-worthy platform that ensures the safety of users’ funds and information, and will continue to bring more profits to all.

Trust is essential when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and DefiLabs is committed to protecting users’ funds and information while providing them with more rewarding opportunities. Our platform is built on strong principles of stability, fairness, and community-centeredness, and is audited by Certik and Cyberscope to guarantee safety. Furthermore, our referral system rewards those who contribute to the growth of our platform.

All user funds are secured in smart contracts, and DefiLabs is non-custodial, meaning that no third party has direct access to those funds. Our page design is simple and easy to use, allowing users to buy and sell with just a few clicks. Moreover, DefiLabs provides users with the opportunity to earn USDT passively with the highest APYs in three easy steps. If you have friends, or audience to promote DefiLabs to, you will be rewarded USDT. Best real life practices are conferences, or arranged meetings, all you need to do is to sign up, and explore the levels of the community expansion program.

Thanks to the large collection of financial data generated by Defi, DefiLabs is able to use artificial intelligence models to improve financial transactions. This includes arbitrage bots that attempt to maximize gain from anticipated asset price fluctuations.

Enjoy the benefits of DeFi without any hassle with DEFILABS! Our platform is powered by secured smart contracts that lock user funds without any third party having direct access. DEFILABS is non-custodial and never takes control over your assets – you can use it directly from your own wallet. Our page design is simple and user-friendly, allowing you to start buying and selling with just a few clicks. Plus, you can stake and earn USDT passively with the highest APY available. Just follow our three easy steps and start earning! To top it all off, DEFILABS also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the DeFi experience and maximize gain from anticipated asset price fluctuations. Start taking advantage of DeFi today with DEFILABS!

Approximate income calculation:

  • Daily income: 0.30% to 0.465%
  • Weekly income: 1.26% to 3.19%
  • Monthly income: 5.78% to 14.67%
  • Annual income: 48.96% to 169.73%

Below you have an example of our 27,309 USDT staked for 30d. The 828 USDT earned was generated in 7-10 days.

Sign up for DefiLabs here as our referral to get help & guidance later! – Register now! 

Optionally, you can instead sign up using and claim a 100 USDT airdrop, that you must use for the 90 days staking.

If you prefer to get an airdrop instead, follow the instructions in the tweet below:


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