Introducing Ninety1 Lab and $FLD Token

The purpose of Ninety1 is to introduce $FLD (“FOLD”) into circulation via “mining” using NFTs. $FLD is an ownerless, taxless token built on the Avalanche chain.
The initial circulating supply is ZERO.

Ninety1 Lab emerges as a groundbreaking platform seeking to reshape the landscape of digital assets. At the core of their innovative approach is the introduction of $FLD, also known as “FOLD,” a unique token that is ownerless and taxless. Powered by the Avalanche blockchain, Ninety1 Lab aims to revolutionize the concept of mining by leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and gamification principles.

The foundation of Ninety1 Lab’s ecosystem lies in the minting of Twenty6Fifty2, a series of 2,652 NFTs representing a vast array of unique two-card combinations. These NFTs act as gateways to unlock additional content within the blockchain. Each Twenty6Fifty2 NFT holds a hidden treasure in the form of Ninety1 NFTs, totaling 91 per minted NFT. Unlocking these Ninety1 NFTs reveals a substantial reward of 1,000 $FLD tokens.

One of the standout features of $FLD is its emission schedule, which follows a Fibonacci “regression.” This intentional design ensures that the token’s complete circulation will take over 26 years, providing long-term sustainability and fostering a sense of scarcity. The emission process is further incentivized through gamified principles, encouraging users to mint and hold specific NFTs while strategically burning others to unlock their rewards.

By utilizing a smart contract, all NFTs within the Ninety1 Lab ecosystem are automatically staked, allowing users to earn $FLD emissions. The rarity of each NFT determines the emission multiplier, offering enhanced rewards for scarcer assets. Additionally, holders of $FLD tokens and third-party liquidity providers (LPs) identified by the protocol can also earn emissions, with a maximum multiplier of 10x. The auto-staking mechanism ensures that $FLD is continually utilized within the ecosystem, fostering its value and utility.

LabNinety1, the driving force behind the Ninety1 project, aims to establish a solid and trustless foundation that empowers anyone to build upon it. In line with this vision, LabNinety1 has embarked on developing a separate project that combines AI blockchain technology with $FLD to address real-world challenges related to data collection, management, and distribution. This ambitious endeavor showcases the potential of $FLD beyond its traditional use as a cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, LabNinety1 is actively working on a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the $FLD infrastructure. This upcoming platform holds the promise of providing innovative financial solutions to users while utilizing the unique features of $FLD. As an ownerless token, $FLD holders are encouraged to explore alternative applications and leverage their imagination, creativity, and drive to build new and exciting projects within the Ninety1 Lab ecosystem.

In conclusion, Ninety1 Lab and its native $FLD token are poised to disrupt the NFT and blockchain industries with their novel approach to mining, emissions, and utility. By intertwining gamified principles, NFTs, and a carefully designed emission schedule, Ninety1 Lab offers a sustainable and engaging ecosystem for users to participate in and benefit from. With ongoing developments in AI blockchain technology and the upcoming DeFi platform, Ninety1 Lab continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cryptocurrencies, inviting users to shape the future of digital assets.

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