H3M Studio Announces Upcoming Launch of a Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Experience: “Portals”


Ryan Brant
H3M Studio
Email: ryan@h3m.studio
Phone: 8082783343

Telegram: https://t.me/hmmmtoken

Prizren, 04 – RKS – H3M Studio, a pioneering immersive media company, is thrilled to announce its plans for the upcoming launch of “Portals,” a revolutionary augmented reality experience set to transform the way we create, share, and monetize virtual worlds.

With the beta version scheduled for release in May, Portals aims to democratize the creation of virtual worlds by empowering users with an easy-to-use platform that requires no coding or 3D design skills. This innovative application is poised to disrupt the rapidly growing augmented reality market by offering individuals and businesses unprecedented access to immersive content creation and sharing.

To support the development of Portals and its revolutionary features, H3M Studio has introduced a token associated with the platform. The token will play a crucial role in the platform’s ecosystem and future growth, enabling users to participate in various transactions and activities within the virtual worlds they create.

“We’re incredibly excited about the potential of Portals and the impact it will have on the augmented reality landscape,” said Ryan Brant, Founder of H3M Studio. “Our token will fuel the growth of our platform, empowering users to create and share immersive experiences while unlocking new opportunities for creativity and commerce.”

As anticipation for the Portals beta release builds, H3M Studio invites interested parties to visit their website at https://h3m.studio and learn more about the game-changing augmented reality experience on the horizon. By exploring the website, visitors can gain insight into the vision behind Portals and discover how to participate in the ongoing token sale, securing their place in the future of augmented reality.

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