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So you know about Ethereum and everything, but looking forward to expand your crypto knowledge, and maximize profits?

This Tuesday we will post a short informative text for Abitrum, and where you can find it.

Ethereum lately has huge fees, even after the merge. Some technologies are trying to change this to the better. This is where Layer 2’s come. Such a layer 2 is the Arbitrum Network.

Arbitrum is designed to increase the speed and scalability of the blockchain. It will provide a platform for developers to create and launch decentralized applications (dApps). The Arbitrum network will be powered by the new Arbitrum protocol, which is designed to be secure, scalable and fast. Arbitrum is designed to address the scalability issues of existing blockchain networks. It will use a new consensus algorithm called Optimistic Rollups, which will enable developers to build dApps on Arbitrum without sacrificing scalability or security. The Optimistic Rollups protocol is designed to ensure that users are able to conduct transactions quickly, without needing to wait for the entire network to come to consensus. This will enable the network to scale up to millions of transactions per second, while still maintaining the security of the blockchain. The Arbitrum network will also feature a new smart contract language called ArbitrumScript. This language will enable developers to write smart contracts that are secure, reliable, and easy to understand. The ArbitrumScript language will also allow developers to create custom applications that are tailored to their needs. Arbitrum is designed to provide a platform for developers to create and launch decentralized applications.

You may be familiar with Dogecoin, so for fans I recommend checking #ArbiDoge which is a token running on #Arbitrum 💙,🧡 – #Dogecoin on #Optimism (latest reliable L2).

Lower fees, fast transactions, etc. is one of the features offered on Arbitrum.

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